After-Work Dinner Spots on the Lower East Side

The Lower East Side has no shortage of great spots to head to after a long day at work. Is it a Caribbean cocktail you’re in need of? A hunky…

The Lower East Side has no shortage of great spots to head to after a long day at work. Is it a Caribbean cocktail you’re in need of? A hunky Greek gyros or a Mexican feast? The LES has exactly what your long day is calling for.

If you’re dining with colleagues, chances are you’ll be rolling with a group of various tastes. But you’ll be sure to find something from this selection! Crave has narrowed down dining options with our list of six of the best venues for an after-work dinner on the Lower East Side:

Tijuana Picnic

151 Essex Street

The tequila is stocked and the table is set. Time to check out this gorgeous Mexican eatery. It’s spacious, split-level, retro in design and full of sexy booths to enjoy things like mezcal, tacos and cheesy smoked Street Corn… (a must-order).After-Work Dinner on the LES

Souvlaki GR

116 Stanton Street

A sense of pride in Greek heritage and history comes through at this joint. Not only is it truly a taste of Greek island life in the LES, but the food on the menu goes beyond the usual suspects of gyros, taramosalata and moussaka, which are all just a small part of what makes up one of the most hunky cuisines out there!After-Work Dinner on the LES

Cafe Katja

79 Orchard Street

There’s a kitsch yodel-ay-ee-oo aesthetic at Cafe Katja, where they pay homage to Austrian classic dishes such as schnitzel and apfel strudel and wines like Grüner Veltliner and Zweigelt. If your long work day calls for beer, wine, cheese and carbs, this spot will hit all the right notes.After-Work Dinner on the LES

Las’ Lap

74 Orchard Street

Finished work? Time for a holiday? Head to Las’ Lap where there’s lots of fun and lots of rum. Not only will you find Caribbean eats and far too many rum-centric cocktails to try in one seating, you’ll be made to feel completely at ease thanks to the breezy charm of this place.After-Work Dinner on the LES

Copper Throat

123 Ludlow St

This is a place where the curries are extra comforting and the spring rolls are cheesy – filled with mozzarella and glass noodles. They’re seriously yum! Copper Throat Thai showcases inventive Thai cuisine by stirring up tradition with global ingredients and techniques.After-Work Dinner on the LES

Dim Sum Go Go

5 E Broadway Street

While there are plenty of spots for dim sum, this Chinese dim sum specialist is our go to. It’s quick, convenient, and produces some seriously quality dumplings! Not only do they have a huge dumpling menu, they’re rather vegetarian friendly with things like soy bean dumplings and taro fries.After-Work Dinner on the LES

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