Share the Love! Earn $50!

Introducing Crave’s Referral Program

What's better than getting up to 50% off your entire bill? Sharing it with your friends and earning $$$ for it!

Grant your friends access to the best restaurant deals in NYC and get rewarded for every 5 successful referrals with a $50 VISA gift card! For a referral to be successful, the referred person has to download the Crave app and use it for the first time. It’s that simple!

That’s $50 to spend on your next meal or anywhere else that accepts VISA! Start sharing the love with your friends and family and get to treating yo’self. 

The best part? Not only would you be receiving $50 for yourself but you would also be contributing to supporting local restaurants by using the app.

Here’s how simple it is to earn $50!

Step 1: Update your app to the latest version!

Step 2: Tap on your profile icon on the top left to reveal the ‘refer friends’ button. Click on this to start referring friends to earn your $50 voucher!

Step 2: You will then need to validate your phone number by entering it to receive a verification code.

Step 3: Once your phone number is validated, you can then start referring your friends! Enter your name, your friend’s name and their phone number to share an easy download link with them. You may refer as many people as you’d like! 

Step 4: Keep track of your successful referrals by viewing the collected red plates. A referral is successful for every friend who downloads the Crave app, makes a booking through the app and goes to that restaurant.

Step 5: After you have successfully referred 5 people, you can claim your $50! All you have to do is fill out some basic information in the required fields to have your VISA gift card mailed straight to you! You can then repeat the process to claim another $50! 

Enjoy this reward and spend it on whatever you please, but might we suggest a meal out? We’d love to see the fun things you spend the $50 VISA gift card on, so tag us on Instagram [@thecraveapp] and use hashtag #cravereferral when you post!

And lastly, do keep telling your friends! This is not the only VISA gift card you can earn. We want you to get the most out of the dining scene, so please enjoy!

Start earning now!


  1. The referrer can refer as many people as they’d like
  2. For every five people successfully referred, the referrer will be eligible to claim one reward
  3. A successful referral means a referred customer has downloaded the EatClub app, redeemed a deal through the app and attended their reservation at the restaurant
  4. The referred customer must have their location on when completing the above steps
  5. A successful referral must be a new customer; a new customer is someone who has never transacted on the EatClub app before
  6. The reward is offered at the time that the first of five referrals are successful
  7. After five referrals are successful, the referrer must open the app and enter their details in the required fields for the reward to be sent